I'm a TAB Pig

"Rocket" is:   Doug Shane

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Rocket is (of course) ANOTHER friggin' engineer. He joined the Pig Pen in 2005 after tripping across Bernie's CD. He claims to have liked it so we know that his lying skills are sharp (which is manditory for survival in the pen).

First guitar at 10 yrs old, got more serious about it in Jr. High - kinda the John Denver stuff, then heard Greenhouse at 15 or so and saw the light. Started playing fingerstyle then; gave up the fingerpicks a couple of years later. First concert he ever went to was Leo Kottke in Kansas City circa 1975, and he has been trying to play Mona Ray properly ever since.

Coming up with his call-sign was another no-brainer, as he was one of the test pilots for the SpaceShipOne at Scaled Composites. Like some other Pigs (who shall remain nameless, but his initials are Jim "Jet" Jarrell), he's getting a little long in the tooth. Thus he was smart enough to be the director of flight operations for the Ansari X Prize flights, versus the nut that went spinning like a top on the first space flight attempts (see the documentary "Black Sky" for more info). His mama didn't raise no fool (except when it comes to picking up bar tabs at CAAS).

Truth be told (we hate when that happens), Rocket is a kick-ass player, with a strong right hand. As to where he got that strong right hand.......well, we'll just leave that alone, eh?

Rocket has more guitars than God (Rocket & Gig must be related in a parallel universe), but suffice to say that it includes 3 Olson's, 2 LKSM's...and a whole bunch of other stuff. As of this week anyway.

Current Guitars:

  • LKSM-6 and 12 (fairly late-model ones)
  • Olsons
  • Kopp Trailboss
  • Mossman Great Plains
  • Hoffman Jumbo
  • Leach Voyage-Air
  • Old Gibson archtop (L-50)
  • Rainsong OM
  • "other stuff"