I'm a TAB Pig

"Hey Suz" is:  M i c h a e l   D.   A d c o c k

the tabs
the pigs
the room at the top of the stairs


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A computer geek who lives in Evansville, IN - but we don't hold that against him. Got his name at TPC#1 as he looks like a cross between Charles Manson and Jesus Christ. "Manson" as a call-sign really didn't fit him, (even if he is 6.2 high), as he's too much of a gentle giant, so he started out as "Jesus". It wasn't much of a stretch from there to "HeySuz (think a baseball game was on TV at the time). HeySuz is the ultimate Kottke groupie - he's been known to drive 500 miles for a concert. Kottke finally figured out that he wasn't dangerous apparently, as he's met & talked with him many times, and has played with Leo once. He's got quite a few pics on the Kottke website - check em' out.
    Ol' HeySuz has a great head for tunings & phrasing, which has really helped the group. We rag him on being a
Taylor groupie as well - he must have 500 Taylor logo shirts - never seen him in anything but. HeySuz works as a computer specialist for USI, where he is also a part-time student. He and a buddy created the "Tab Pigs" website - so that explains why it sucks.
    HeySuz is an old (Not quite sure of his age, but he's for sure younger than
Jet.) rocker who has "seen the light" so to speak - he currently has:

  • Taylor LKSM6
  • LKSM12
  • K-14-C
  • The “Beast” (Cocobolo/Engelmann)
  • The “Son of a Beast” (Small body Jim "Luther" Chelsvig special - walnut/cedar w/koa bindings)
  • Larrivee Parlour (Koa/Sitka)
  • 1958 Les Paul (double cutaway flat top) - NOT the junior
  • Les Paul Standard
  • Gibson “The V”
  • ES330